11-Feb-2015 Official Opening Date Release
Hello Players , Hello there, the official date you've been waiting for a long while is finally revealed. Thanks to everyone who availed us. The Windows xp problem is almost resolved/fixed, we're trying to rush it in a few days. We're thanking those again who participated us at this process.
Offical Opening : 13.03.2015 19:00 GMT +2
21-Oct-2014 Windows XP Solutions

Xp in the beta process can not enter the game unfortunately. Our efforts in this regard are ongoing the official opening will not be a problem. TurkEmpires.

14-Aug-2014 TurkEmpire Open/Beta Launches 13/02

Beta server opened all people of good games Please share with us you errors/bugs etc. http://www.TurkEmpire.org Thanks all!


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